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Pender Fair Group Elects P'/e
Directors At Annual Mee^ g
The annual meeting of the Pen­der
County Agricultural Fair As­sociation
was held1 in Burgaw on
Tuesday, December 3 with a large
number of members in attendance.
Following an invocation by the Rev.
C. Franklin Grill, minutes of the
last annual meeting held on Febr­uary
5, 1957 were read by Mrs.
Worth Rich, secretary, and appro­ved.
The meeting was presided over
by President Howard Holly and fea­tured
complete reports of the suc­cessful
1957 Jaycee - Pender Fair
by Association oii'ic"ers and commit­tee
chairmen. Several suggestions
for improving the' 1958 Fair were
presented foMteo'nsideration.
Five new directors,were1 elected
by the membership for three year
terms. TheSfe included' Earl W. My­ers,
Mrs. EtoUx )EL. Johnson, Gene
Brown. CI /s Highsmith and
Charles M. harrell. Terms of fc
remaining ten directors expire ei­ther
in December, 1958 or Decem­ber,
The newly constituted Board of
Directors will meet at the Court­house
in Burgaw on Thursday, De­cember
12 at 8:00 P. M. for the
purpose of electing officers to head
the Association this year. In addi­tion
to naming a president, vice
president, secretary and treasurer,
the directors will choose a mana­ger
for the 1958 Fair.
Delegates are |to "be elected to
represent the^Pender Fair Associa­tion
at the annual meeting,of the
N. C. Association of Agricultural
Fairs to be conducted in Raleigh
on Thursday and Friday, January
$&*• 17, 1958.
Agriculture C«nm*
Fair Ass»clAti«a established hy Jaycees fer the T«rp»s e
ef sponserin* ana conducting annual county agriculture.Fair.
General Chairman er Assec. Pres. t Haward Holly. Past JC.C.Pre!
Committee* for the present year are as follows:
Program* Dr. John Dees, Jaycee President
Catalogue: W. C. Blackmore, Exhausted Booster
Ridess Earl W. Myeps, Past Jaycee President
Public Relations: John A. Carraway, Jaycee
Brounds and
Facilities: Joe Honey cutt, County Agent and Exhausted
Gate: Charles M. Harrell, Past Jaycee President
Finance: Edward Ferrell, Past Jaycee President
Feed Concessions: Charles Highsmith, 2nd V. P.
Exhibits: Mrs. Herman Murray, Home Denomstration Clubs
Directors Of
Fair Group To
Meet On Friday
The Board of Directors of the
Pender County Agricultural Fair
Association will hold a meeting on
[Friday, Augsut 16, at the Court- 1 house in Burgaw. All directors are
asked to be present at 8:00 P. M.
for this important session, accord­ing
to an announcement issued to­day
by the Association's president.
Several progress reports on plans
for the 1957Jaycee — Pender Agri­cultural
Fair will be discussed. The
aFir is to be held on October 9 - 12,
1957, at the Pender Memorial Field
in Burgaw.
The Association which annuallv
sponsors the Fair is composed of
fifteen members who sei*ve on the
Board of Directors and an addition­al
thirty-eight members. These
fafly-three persons live*ta various
sections of Pender County and are
reprsentatives of the following
groups: Agricultural and Home-making
teachers and Extension
workers in the County, Home De­monstration
Clubs, Burgaw Junior
Chamber of Commerce"," l e n d er
CotWty Government.^Town of Bur­gaw
Government and others.
The business of the Association
is carried on by the Board of Di­rectors
which includes the five of­ficers
and ten additional members.
Each of the nine standing commit­tees
of the Association is headed
by a director, and ever member of
the Association is assigned to at
least one committee.
"Committee chairmen to report at
the Directors' meetfng include:
Earl W. Myers, rides; W. C. Black-more
andJManley Blackburn, cata­log;
J. N. Honeycutt, grounds and
facilities; Dr. Jojjn T. Dees and
Mrs. Emily C. Johnson, nrograjifl;
John A. Carraway and W. C. Black-more,
public . relations; Mrs. Her­man
Murray, exhibits; Charles M.
Harrell, gate.; Edward Ferrell and
George Spayd, Jr., finance; Md
Charles Highsmith, food conces­sions.
A special 'committer composed-of
Earl W. Myers, J? N. Honey­cutt
and Mrs. Emily C. Johnson
will report on plans for the con­struction
of an exhibit building
prior to the opening of the 1957
Fair on October 9:
MAY 15, 1957
Fair Planning W
Group Schedule
Meet Next Week
Two separate meetings for plann­ing
the annual Jaycee - Pender
Agricultural Fair "fifSW^Iteen sche­duled
to be held in Burgaw during
next week by the Fair Associa­tion.
With the Fair set for Oc­tober
9-12 at the Pender Memorial
Field in Burgaw, many meetings
are being arranged in order that
some of the necessary plans might
be made.
It was announced by Mrs. Her­man
Murray of Burgaw, chairman
of the Exhibits Committee, that
•her group will meet on Monday,
May 20 at 8.00 P. M. The meeting
will be held at the Burgaw Town
Hall, and all members of the Ex­hibits
Committee are urged to be
present. Fair Manager J. N.
Honeycutt will meet with the group.
Several decisions concerning ex­hibits
and premium lists must be
made before the next meeting of
the Association's Board of Direc-,
tors. Since the catalog is to be inj
the hands,of the printer by Julyl
15, the Exhibits Committee feels
that work on some of their duties
must be started immediately.
In addition to Mrs. Murray, thej
Exhibits committee is composed ofl
Jv¥$K Sumner, C. R. Dillard and]
F. J. Marshburn of Willard; Mrs J
Milton Chadwick and W. H. RobH
bins of Burgaw; Mrs. Cecil Eakinsl
of Ivanhoe and Mrs. Lee Wright of]
Rocky Point.
The monthly meeting of the Fair]
Association's Board of Directors is
planned for 8:00 P. M., Wednesday,'
May 22, at the Courthouse in Bur­gaw.
All directors are asked to take
notice of this important meeting,
and to be in attendance.
With less than five months re-'
maining before the Fair begins,
officials point out that the vari­ous
committees are urged to con­tinue
with their advance planning
in order to promote a more suc­cessful
fair. Several committees
have already met, and at the Di­rectors'
meeting reports will be
made from the following groups:
Program, Catalog, Rides, Public
Relations, Grounds and Facilities,
Gate, Finance, Food Concessions
and Exhibits.
It has been announced that any
of the fiftyTtt\ree members of the
Fair Association are always wel­comed
at meetings of varrous com­mittees
or of the Directors, and
that their suggestions for improv­ing
the Fair will be appreciated.
PLAN FAIR PROGRAM — Dr. John T. Dees, Chairman; A. H. Page, Mrs. Herman
Murray, and Mrs. Worth Rich, Program Committee memibers, discuss plans for the
19&7J^cee-Pender C o u n t y Agricultural Fair with Association President Howard
Holly and Manager J. N. Hongycutt. The Fair will be held in Burgaw on October 9-12.
.The Program Committee is responsible.for planning the entire schedule of entertain­ment.
Committee members not pictured are Mrs. Emily C. Johnson, W. T. Batchelor
and the Rev. C. F. Grill. *
and committee chairmen are busily engaged in making
plans for the Fifth Annual Jaycee-Pender Agricultural
Fair, to be held at Pender Memorial Field in Burgaw,
October 9-12. Of the fifty-three members of the Pender.
Fair Association, fifteen serve on the Board of Directors,
which group is charged with the responsibility of con­ducting
the Association's business. Pictured above,
reading left to right, seated: Mrs. Worth Rich, secre­t
a r y ; Mrs. Emily C. Johnson and Mrs. Herman Murray..
Standing: Vice-President A. H. Page, President HowarjdI
Holly, Buck Ferrell, Dr. John Dees, Treasurer John A.
Carraway, Charles Highsmith, Earl Myers and Manager
J. N. Honeycutt. Directors not included in the picture:
W. C. Blackmore, George Spayd, Jr., Manley Blackburn
and Charles M. Harrell.               

Award Entry on Agriculture and Conservation, Burgaw N.C. Jaycees [1958-1959]

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