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79th YEAR—NO. 327
Johnson Assumes Monumental Job
Sanford Flies
To Washington
First Day
Of Work
RALEIGH (AP)—Gov. Sanford planned to fly to Washington today and join those at
the White House mourning the
death of President Kennedy.
Before leaving, tbe governor "Bv THE ASSOCIATED PRESS
said: "North Carolinians ! WASHINGTON (API - Presi-
mourn the death of John Fitz- dent Johnson, his face pale and
gerald Kennedv, President of ''drawn' went '° work on Ws first
the United States of America 5"1 fay as Chief Executive to-
and mourn the tragic and dis- :da-v i» th,e o[flce he used as vlce
He left the White House, just
graceful cause
^."This    wholesome, courageous, warm - hearted leader  K„
Of the free people of the world  ™L?( J^f.*™?!*-? t
across a narrow street, to the
spent most of his life — in uniform and out — in bold and
Intelligent attack on tyranny,
bigotry and oppression.
cus of a nation's mourning for
its assassinated leader.
Flanked by a Texas congressman and a long-time associate,
Johnson strode across West Ex
.   Wn"L.Pf S1°«at ■        *I3 eculive Avenue from the White
for aU people often harassed House to the Executive Office
from both sides and from be- building at 9:29 a.m.
hind,  President Kennedy set     „.      . ,
i,;„ „i-™„.u j„,„ : ii„ »„     There he went into conference
his strength determinedly for U, c , _     . «* .    t-,
v    6.._J-_..~Z_ ' ..a with Secretory of State Dean
Rusk who arrived a few minutes earlier.
The new President wore a
black suit and a black necktie
with a single yellow stripe
across it.  >~
Rep. Homer Thornberry. D-
Tex., and William Movers, Deputy director of the Peace Corps
and a former Johnson aide,
walked with him.
The 36th President managed a
nod and a "good morning" for
newsmen and a White House
That was all.
He came to the White House
and spent more
human understanding and
world peace, remaining always resolute in his faith, always undaunted and unafraid.
"The vaUa'nt soldier of freedom is dead. AU mankind is
Mrs. Kennedy
With Kiss
WASHINGTON (AP) - Mrs.|at 8:55 a"	
Kennedy said goodbye to her'than a half hour there before
husband with a kiss on his life- g0jng to his old office
less lips and then slipped her,   shorH   after Johnson arrived
Director John McCone of  the
Lee Harvey Oswald is' pictured early today as he Kennedy," be said. "I did not kill anyone. I don't
stood before newsmen in a Dallas police station and knew what this is all about." He was brought before
repeatedly denied that he had assassinated President the newsmen just after formal charges of murder
Kennedy yesterday noon. "I did not kill President were filed against him.                              (AP WirF|,holol
Accused Man Insists
He Is Not nssassin
From then on-from the emer-CM Intdljgence Agencv en.jKennedy lies in death today injthe assassin.
>onm.  rnnm   in Iho TihIIqc  hncni- . .   _°   _. °        » l.i .,,1.:. -   ir * ui_L   I I ..,-..      s_
DALLAS^Tex. (AP) — Lee Harvey Oswald, charged with murdering Presi-'— an hot
dent Kennedy,'insisted during hours ot questioning- Friday night that he .was noli death
I Didn't Kill
I The President'
DALLAS, Tex. (AP) — A young man who once tried
to renounce his country is charged with firing the two
bullets that killed President Kennedy.
"No, I didn't kill tbe President," Lee Harvey Oswald, 24, said after ha was charged Friday night with
murder in the President's assassination.
Oswald swore allegiance to the Soviet Union four
years ago and tried to renounce his American citizenship. He said he is now a member of "Fair Play For
Cuba." Police termed him arrogant.
President Kennedy died 30 minutes after the
|assassin's bullets crashed into his neck and head as he
nc-ami the end of a triumphal motorcade Friday.
A third bullet wounded Texas Gov. John Connally.
His condition was reported not critical.
Dist. Atty. Henry Wade of Dallas was asked if
authorities were loking for anyone else in connection
with the world-stunning murder.
"There la no one else but him," Wade said.
Taken before microphones and cameras early today, Oswald managed an occasional smile as he Insisted
[in a low voice that he waa innocent of Kennedy's death.
Wade was asked if he regarded Oswald as Communist-inspired or "just a nut."
He replied: "Well put it this way. I don't think he
is a nut. 1 think be ia sane."
Oswald had  been taken into ~~
custody soon after Kennedy wasifrom the warehouse j
fatally shot and Gov. Connally death
wounded in the back by three;   Police  said
volleys fired from a high - pow-lkjiigj tin- officer
ercd rifle. j pistol fired by Os
Kennedy   and   Connally   had charged with mu
been riding side by side in thel  _Mrs. Oswald    nuUier. l)f  a
presidential    limousine,    their ja-montli-olcl  child    war. ■ minted
wives sitting just ahead of them.ky Wade as reporting bur-. Ijjj:
The key factor that led to Oa-'hand had fa his possession '«
wald's arrest at 2 run=_Friday recently as Thursday 'niglil   :i
le matching in description Uie  /
used by thc assassin.     |i]T.
use watjppho
he   bullet   that ' ■
came from a
uald, who was
■M.    \,A
lal through.tlie sad flight home,!ab,   fo        ,h w f exec.,governed ,he nation
to the Naval hospital where be   K' 6 „,       .  .. ,.. ,    .,
was prepared for burial imtill   „?"   -_ „ _ Through the day. hit family,
she brought him home in death'   w™ McCone was McGcorgetoj, ciose friends and high offi-
was   tbo. apparently one used by the assassin.      f
senseless killing of » Dallas po-j   —The personal history of Os-
inteot and piercing, Oswald kepttllceman. jwald wu ln character with the
telling newsmen: "I did not kill President Kennedy. I did: not kill anyone. I don't]   Authorities raid a clear trail misfit backgrounds of past prcs-
know what this is all about" led   to   Oswald   and   he   was idcntlal   assassins,   who   were
After the formal charges were
to the White. House early today ;B™dy, special assistant on na-l,^   f ^   g0Wn„nen,":nciud.jfUcd, 0swald was b™,8ht. b*
—she was at his side tional  security  affairs  to  the I «    . ' I fore newsmen.  Speaking in a
Is  she  passed  through the »"»_. Kennedy. \«t former President Dw.ght D.|iow   voice   jnt0   ",   clusBler   0f
somber portals of the executive I   For all the new President's Eisenhower, were scheduled to' microphones thrust into his face
mansion she still wore the pink obvious shock and sorrow it wasjview the body of the chief ex-|he denied killing the President
suit stained with the blood of his|a business day devoted to the
fatal wounds, and carried her-|awesome task of picking up the
self with self control. reins Kennedy dropped when a
i » minutes after the as-fa-llcd the
It was a harsh day and it sniper's bullet struck him down.
.charged earlier with murder to i lunatics, anarchists or political
Uceman 5» minutes after the aljputled the trigger. It failed to!the death of the officer. fanatics of one kind or another,
sassination., j go off, and the officers jumped If the massive manhunt for P°'!7"a'd "'»*""'"*J?'d',r'
City detective Ed Hicks, after him. Ithe 46-year-old president's as- ln« his ",!*1 10 "ours 0( 1w"-
intensive investigation of the' fa tne scuffle that followed 3assin was ended, the investlga-j (Scc "I DIDN'T" on Page S)
slaying, drew this picture of lhcl;0ne patrolman was cut on thel""" by "tyP»"cc a"d aRenta ofj      '
cutive   who   was   assassinated!   He appeared less defiant than hour surrounding the tragedy:   face ' before Oswald  was  sub- ""' 1''B' and Secret Service con
Friday in Dallas. earlier in the evening but still.   Oswald was working oa thc|ducd. As they snapped the hand- tinued
Sunday it will be borne by was composed. He smiled sev- fifth floor of the Texas book de- cuffs on his wrists, Oswald was    "
emotion. |first order as chief executive-
"Now let's get airborne."
he sat beside her in a gaily re-l  The "get airborne" directive; '       "
ceived motorcade. She had held was Johnson's first move after Funeral services will be held ph D but ^ answers ques.
him, bleeding and mortally,he was sworn in aboard the at noon Monday at St.|tjons very easily, and he is ]
wounded, in a speeding dash to presidential jet airplane at Dal- Matthew's Roman CathoUc Ca-jsharp.'
said   the   case   could
,eral  times  as  he  was  beingpoghory, the floor Irdin which heard to say: "It's dl over."   [come  to    trial    within    three
left Mrs. Kennedy dazed and   Johnson was at it before 9 a.m. solemni cortege to the rotonda questioned. the shots wcre fired.* A man.   An angry crowd had gathered weeks, or could ba delayed tor
tearless, almost unable to showiEST, in the tempo set by his |of the Capitol where for 24 hours   "I don't think he is a nut," working with  him  said:  "Os-1 around  lhe  theater  when  thel as long as two months.
it wiU lie in state, to be seen|Dist.  Atty.   Henry  Wade  told wa|d,  let's go see  the Presi-;.,uspect was pulled out and putt   Wade  prepared   the  charge,
It™ the n„hli, (newsmen. "I think he is sane, dent." |into a patrol wagon   When he whi.-h accuses Oswald of mur-l
y    Oswald repUed: "No, you golwas booked, officers noted that dering John F.  Kennedy withj
on down and send the elevator his height and weight—5 feet 9,|"malice and forethought." Jus-
back up." 160 pounds-tallied with the de- tlce of the Peace David John-
i"tos7itarw^Te'Sever'"re-|tos dinost beside ""the body ofl^TT °i'w"7'LH"r!,'rdin«il°''se^ret Service agents  Dallas I   As 0swal? Ieft "* building, jscription given of a man who ston accepted and filed the for-
gained consciousness. the man he was succeeding.       'he{!raI w th  "lcuhard ^dinalj   ^eciret   empeaient=- ^"as he was st0Jped by Dallas ^.iwas seen near the assassination mal   complaint,   and   read   it traglc £lasn from Dallas revcr-
In the hospital, she bade herl   And he kept the pace going Cushing, Archbishop of Boston P"'^™r ^rnost 10 hours be !lice'   0sw^d-  lold   them   he area. aloud to newsmen |berated around the world like a
handsome 46-year-old husband ajFriday night with a series of |and a long - time friend of tbel*ore charcinE him with the mur-lworked in t1,e buildinS and was; The Intensive questioning be-' A trail of strange drcum- clap of thunder: The young vlg-
goodbye that was so touching ajconferences here after flying Kennedy family celebrating a der of the President Earlier in IEoin8 d»wn to see what was Ran A steady stream of wil-l stances led authorities to bear jorous President of the United
witness. Rep. Henry B. Gonzal-|back. .   . . Ipontificd Requiem Mass. the evening he was charged with|eoin8 on. nesses and officers filed into the|down on Oswald as the prime|SUtes was dead al the hands of
The find resting place for thel"* unprovoked slaying of a po-1. In tbe Oak C  If sectii
"coddn't bear to;   Also  on  Johnson's  scheduler-
was a Saturday conference with
i," Mrs. Ken- Dwight D. Eisenhower, the 34th! President, 46, gunned down as
nedy asked a Roman CathoUc president. Ihe rode ln  a  motorcade,  re-
priest   who   administered   last    "I will do my best-that's alljmained uncertain early today.
rites to the President. I can do. I ask tor your help    In tiie early morning hours,]
With the tragedy written fa land God's," said the new Presi- the flag-draped casket of the
her face, Mrs. Kennedy stood dent, numbed and haggard, fallen President was brought to:
beside Lyndon B. Johnson fa a; after accompanying  the  slain [the White'House.
A  Navy  ambulance  carried!
of crowded   office  where  Oswald suspect in the killing: |an assassin, and everywhere the
!DalIas, four miles away, Oswald was held. Later his mother and   — Oswald worked in a text-1great and the lowly mourned
N.C. Marked
By Sorrow
And Shock
:asket from the Bethesda By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS |ater on West Jefferson Street,:and clenched his fist
was seen 45 minutes later talk- Russian-born wife,  carrying a book  warehouse   which  pollceiJohn K. Kennedy's passing,
tag to a policeman   J. D. Tip-ili"y baby, entered. pinpointed  as  the place from    The   deadening   shock   gave
pett. A witness said'that Oswald When the dark-haired Oswald which a high - powered rifle way to tears and then to unl-
suddenly whipped out a pistol was escorted to a different of-|With a telescope sight was|versal heartache for Jacqueline
and shot the officer. fice, he struck out his jaw and aimed at the head of the chief .Kennedy  and   her  two  young
Shortly afterward, police re-threw back his head when he executive as he drove past  In children. Rich and poor bto
ceived a tip that a suspicious;saw   the    photographers.   He! his open limousine. Cilni
looking man had entered a the- raised his mantled right hand    Police said Oswald was in the bcwild
building at the time.
Naval   Hospital,   fa   suburban|   A pan 0f sorrow and shock,not far from where Tippett had.   One officer described him as    -Within 45 minutes after Fri- noured  '".J?-!!*
cool, defiant and arrogant.       | day's assassination, and almost j"'™''T^ F ' ,
*-    Oswald's mother, who came ?l <he moment Kennedy's heart- i^'^,,:"„,„,„
Santord in mourning the deathjer,  and   then  entered.   When from nearby Kort Worth, said,'1".^'' stopped, * policeman who™ We
tried to pick up  Oswald  as  a
(See ACCUSED on Page 6)    [suspicious   person
President Lyndon S. Johnson wears a somber expression moments after he was administered the oath of
office in the cabin of the presidential plane at Dallas
Love Field Friday. This photo was made by Capt.
Cecil Stoughton, official White House photographer. Classified
who was the only cameraman allowed to record the I Weather
Maryland, where the body hadjnung 0ver North Carolina today been slal
been taken upon its return fromUg Tar Heels joined Gov. Terry |   Officers surrounded the thea
Dallas. ISanford ta mourning the death
From 10 to 11 am. Kennedy's of President Kennedy. they spotted  Oswald  near  the
immediate family was to view]   "If ever America needed pray-1 rear, he pulled out his pistol and
the body in the East Room of'er, It is now," said evangelist!
the White House. jBilly Graham. He termed the
From 11 a.m. to 2 p.m, thelshoo,tinK °f "■? President '.'the
top officials of the government,'™?1 traSlc d?y J" American
led by President Johnson and^310^ smce ,Vncoln was shot-
including Speaker of the House;1*J.efrs a|°. .     , „ „ ., .
i i.   ii,  ., «    i    r, »» State and federal flags f ew at
John W. McCormack, D-Masa.,.^, sUff over the Cab itol and
and ChiefJust.ce Earl Warren, |othcr state bui)dings ^Raleigh,
were scheduled to arrive. |and 0Ver federal buildings
Eisenhower also was due to throughout North CaroUna.
come at that time. Former Some events quickly were
President Herbert Hoover, 89jcanceled across the' state, in-
and dling, expressed regrets eluding the Duke-North Carolina
he would be unable to attend football game scheduled today in
Former President Harry S.jDurham. It was rescheduled for
Truman is expected in Washing- next Saturday,
ton Sunday. I  Gov. Santord was having lunch
Cabinet members, officials ofin Winston-Salem when he heard
the executive branch appointedjnew* of the President's death.
by the President and close per-!.  The tragedy of the assassina-
sonal friends were to view the '"on of the President is over-
whelming,     Sanford   said.   He
{canceled a scheduled speech at
1'Thomasville and returned to Raleigh. Sanford plans to attend
the funeral.
I   Graham said that only last
Comics ... 8.week he  had  a very definite
Editorials    4jThe premonition was so strong,
Sports    ...... 16-12 nedy should not go to Texas.!
Crossword    20 The premontion was so strong,! KFKll\lFDY'$    RODY   IN   RFPO^E
Television    M he said, "I tried unsuccessfully1 . ./„     *"""""    "^   ftlr«Jt ._ a mjm    .
15-19 to   reach   him   through   Sen.   The body of John Fitzgerald Kennedy    guard comprises I
.  14;George Smathers, D-Fla. The   lies in repose today in the historic East    the Arm:
body from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.
What's Inside
sad  tfmi
Marines and Air Force.
(See N. C. ea Page «)     i Room of the White House. The honor
people," the new President,
I.yndon B Johnson, told the nation on his return to Washington. "We have suffered a loss
that cannot be weighed."
During the early morning
hours in Moscow, Premier
Khrushchev dressed to black,
drove to the U.S. Embassy to
personally convey his "deep
sadness" on the assassination
of the President. Khrushchev
and his wife, Nina, sent telegrams of condolences to Mrs.
In New Haven, Corni, a citizen said with a catch In his
voice: "I felt as if he was my
| brother. But he was more than
that — he was our President."
Washington was struck as If
by a bombshell. Tbe government stopped dead in Us tracks.
Crowds gathered outside the
iron picket fence In front of the
White House, staring silently at
the President'' home long after
night fell. Telephone service
was paralyzed for a time and
flags — foreign banners at embassies as well as the Stars and
Strioes — were lowered to half/-
staff. '
Pubs in Uindon and cafes In
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