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Separate status for Robeson Technical Institute
seems virtually assured, because the way has been
paved for it by the Robeson delegation in the state
General Assembly.
Several months ago, representatives of the state
Department of Community Colleges stated their wil-l
lingness  to  give  the  Robeson Unit  of  Fayetteville 1
Technical Institute as much freedom of choice and
action as possible under the existing plan of operation. I
Since then, the option  of separate status has been
authorized by the legislature.
Assuming that the county commissioners act on
the recommendation of a committee they appointed,
and that the state Board of Education adopts a policy
to implement the legislative authorization, the Robeson Unit of FTI would become Robeson Technical Institute, a unit in the North Carolina system of Community Colleges.
This change would give the institute most of what
it wants; greater independence, its own board of trustees (four to be named by the county commissioners
and four by the county board of education), direct
dealing with the Department of Community Colle'ges
(instead of through a parent institute), the privilege
of engaging its own staff and developing its own cur-
gje'fium. i
Cost to the^eounty would not be increased by the
Change. So far, the county has put up $30,000 a year,
|nd state and federal funds have averaged over $300,-
§00 a year.
What about the future? Several technical institutes
have added junior college academic courses and become community colleges. This would require getting
a charter from the State Board of Education and, for
the construction of new buildings, a vote by the people
authorizing a bond issue for that purpose. There is no
apparent need to take such a big step at the moment,
and there is some question whether the state board
would authorize it, because Robeson County already
has a four-year, state-supported college within its
boundaries. More than 400 students from this county
attend Pembroke State College.
The way Robeson Tech has been growing, it is
expected to keep on expanding as a technical school.
Returns on investment have been so large the county
may want to- increase its annual appropriation. Yet
every dollar spent on a technical school is one that
cannot be spent for public school purposes. This has
caused discord in some, counties which, like Robeson,
have school needs constantly in excess of the tax
revenue to meet them.
Fortunately, the school administration in this
country regards the technical school as an asset, filling
a gap between public school and college. Supt. Young
Allen says he shares the view that adding industry is
the most promising way to increase the amount of
taxable property and produce more revenue for schools.
In his own contacts with industrialists, he says he has
been impressed by their keen interest in the local
technical institute, and has come to regard it as a major
attraction. #
.Nurse Program
At RTI Given
The North Carolina Board of
Nursing has granted accreditation to the practical nurse education program at the Robeson
County Technical Institute.
As required by the state
board, the practical nursing
curriculum is placed on a provisionally accredited list during
its first year of operation. During that time the program is
evaluated in accordance with
basic requirements for accreditation as set forth by the North
Carolina Board of Nursing.
Report findings of the surveys
made during the first year of
operation found that the program at Robeson County Technical Institute is in compliance
with the Nursing Practice Act
and standards as set forth by
the board. Periodic evaluations
are conducted every year in order to remain on the accredited
The first practical nurses
class of 10 students will graduate on August 11. The program
is operated in cooperation with
Southeastern General Hospital,
and is under the direction of
Mrs. Sue P. Shaw, R. N., of
There's A Deadline On
to Learn A Trade or Profession
There are vacancies in these courses of s'tudy in the full daytime program at Robeson Technical Institute. |p$
But the deadline for registration is Friday.
These three courses are designed to upgrade your pay, teaching skills
in fields where the demand exceeds the supply t* ^killed men.
Telephone 739-7072 Now
I Robeson Comt^y Technicdl Institute
BarkeFTen Wtfle Roaa
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