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THE FIRST CHECK received by
the J. W. Seabrook Scholarship
Fund was donated by Glenn Newberry, , Fayetteville merchant.
Mr. Newberry is pictured giving
the check to Dr. Rudolph Jones,
president of Fayetteville State
Teachers College and chairman of
the scholarship committee.
Scholarship Fund
Campaign Begins
Officials of Fayetteville State
Teachers College have launched
a drive to collect money for a
scholarship fund honoring Dr.
J. W. Seabrook, dean and president for 34 years.
Plans for the drive were announced this week by Dr. Rudolph Jones, chairman of the
scholarship committee.
Letters asking for donations
have been mailed to many Fay
wanted to honor him by presenting him with gifts. In keeping
with his usual modesty and humility, Dr. Seabrook has continually discouraged any such
effort but indicated his approval
of soliciting donations for a
scholarship fund named in his
"In appreciation for the years
of service the college -has rendered  to   the   community,     the
etteville  citizens   Dr.  Jones  said  ^  a"d  ^ ~~fo~    we  are
the   response   already   has   been  asking  all friends  of the  insti.
gratifying. tution  to  contribute   generously
"Although   Fayetteville   is    a' to this fund to help worthy stu-
state-supported college," he said, I dents    and to honor    Dr.  Sea-
"no  money is   appropriated   by brook."
the state to assist worthy stu
Contributors have been asked to mail their donations to the
J.    W.    Seabrook    Scholarship
UU.U1UCU   »^a^   „._  „_...,- Fund,  in   care  of  the  Business
ship funds were so limited. Uponi;Office,   State  Teachers   College,
his    retirement    maiay    people'Fayetteville.
dents   who   are   not  financially
able to pay normal expenses.
"Dr.    Seabrook   was)   always
: disturbed  because   the/ scholar -
1  -t-._   * J- IJw.iV-J     TT««^
Attend Meeting
Joseph P. Dempsey, student minister at Fayetteville
State Teachers College, represented the campus unit of
the YMCA at the "¥" Conference at Atlanta University last week. Dempsey, a
junior at the college, Is the
son of Mr. and Mrs. Sidney
Dempsey, Nashville, N.  C.
(Observer sports photo—Batten)
John Morgan rebounds for FSTC
Broncos Flipped
In Semi-Final Go
DURHAM— Virginia State's
sixth-seeded Trojans romped to a
173-47 victory over Fayetteville
State here last night in the second
' semifinal action of the CIAA tournament at North Carolina College
to cop a berth in tonight's championship finals against Winston-
Salem Teachers College.
The   WSTC   quint,   had   earli"
J      tted   Greensboro   Afcl
'to gain a spot in the finals.
»*    The finalists will square off .
19   o'clock   tu.ught  to   decide   t.
tit!?.  Fayetteville  and A&T  will
I meet at  7:30   o'clock  in  a  con-
1 solation   game   to   decide   third
Johnny Johnson with 17 points
paced the Virginia State five to'
its one-sided victory. He was
supported by Eugene Hollings
with 14. John Morgan and Ronald
Evans ledv Fayetteville with 10
markers each.
In the night's opening action,
the second seeded A&T Aggies
joined top seeded North Carolina
College on the sidelines. Winston-
Salem forward Wilfred Johns led
the Teachers attack with 26
Johns   had   able   support
I teammate  Charles  Riley
action.  A&T had whipped  r
gan State, while Fayetteville '
|had   eliminated   St.   Augus
College, io gain the semifin;
Although   eliminated   fror:
CIAA pjst-season title consideration,   the   host  NCC   Eagles  will
nevertheless   represent   the   loop
in the NCAA eliminations as reg-
,|ular   season   champion.
d tol
Dr. Jones Delivers
Lumberton Speech
Dr. Rudolph Jones, president of
the Fayetteville State Teachers!
College, was guest speaker at the
Annual Men's Day Observance at
the First Baptist Church in Lumberton, Sunday, March 3.
The invitation was extended by
the Reverend E. B. Turner, pastor
of the church.
Assistant Agent K3U Official,
Wounds Self After Be^Fn-ed
GREENVILLE, March 5-An assistant Negro farm agent who had
just been fired today shot and
killed the Extension Service supervisor who recommended that he be
relieved of his duties.
Officers said Talmadge Mitchell I
fired eight shots through a wooden
door into a room occupied by Milton Robert Zachary, about 40,
Northeastern District
of Negro farm agents.
slugs hit Zachary in
killing him instantly.
Mitchell then went into an ad
II'"""      .
One of the
the  chest,
joining  room in the Pitt Negro \
farm agent's office and shot himself in the chest.   He was in critical condition tonight at Pitt Memorial Hospital.
The shooting occurred just minutes after Zachary, Mitchell and
See SLAYING, Page Two.
" SLAIN SUPERVISOR-The body of M. R. Zachary of Greensboro, district supervisor of Negro farm agents, lies in the Pitt County Negro farm agents office n
Grl nv 11? after h was slain there yesterday. Officers said the assistant Pi County
Negro   farm   agent  killed  Zachary   because Zachary recommended he be fired.
Mitchell appeared highly nervous. \
Some said that Mitchell made a i
statement that "let the dead bury!
their dead." In the course of his '
explanation before the group just
before he was ousted, he quoted
from the Bible.
Lt. W. E. Peterson, first to arrive on the scene, said he found
Mitchell lying on the floor of the
adjoining  office   with   the   pistol
near his right hand.   He did not
talk to the officer.
While the shooting was believed
j j to have been brought on by the
■i forced  resignation  today,  it was
also rumored Mitchell had thought               
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