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We know that you are very muc1
interested in your Bookmobile. Yor
have iproved that, so we are starting this column in order that you
may keep in closer touch with our
goings, comings and  doings.
Last week, or maybe it was week
before last, we promised to give you
registration and circulation figures,
but for the past week the bookmobile and I have been doing the circulating, too far from the library in
Marshall to get the figures for you.
Since we are now on our fourth trip
ai'ound, and will complete the circuit on Friday, the thirteenth, we
think it best to wait and give you
full coverage for the four-month period.
Folks still ask me how much it
costs to borrow books. The answer
is NOTHING. This service is provided free by your state and county. This year the county share was
cop<v>+~'i' by frpp will donations.
Another   question and  answer:
I*, .now mucn does it cost if the
books are kept overtime?
A: You may keep a book for four
weeks — one trip to the next. It
may be renewed ONCE, unless it is
a popular book, in which case, you
should read it in four weeks, and
release it willingly, so others will
not be kept waiting too long. If
you keep a book over the eight weeks
period, you owe five cents on EACH
overdue book.
We are trying out the system of
not putting a limit on the number
of books per person. This will work
if you take a reasonable number of
books and return them at the end
of four weeks. You can easily see
that it will not work if you take a
stack of books and keep them too
long. Let's make it work! Rules
and regulations are unnecessary if
we are thoughtful and considerate
of others. You can readily see what
will happen if you and You and YOU
all have a number of books in your
home, out of circulation. We want
you to read all you can in four
weeks, but please return what you
have finished, and please do not take
more than you can finish in f°ur
weeks.. There has been very little thoughtlessness' so far, but a little   is   beginning  to   creep   in,   so   I
*g*     »f»      ^f«      »ji»      *ft      •£*      •*$      *^t      *f*      Vf9
Here Comes The
Sfi 'Xfir-*   **.* .-8*A* -3ft-: *   tf.
Well, last week, except for Mon-
-s&ay,here D-BDN'T come the bookmobile. Monday was bitter cold, but
thanks to Mrs. Coy Gosnell, who in-
*vdted me to come in and warm, I
managed to survive. I don't have to
^U you what kept me home the rest
s»t the week. *Snow, freezing rain,
■sleet, etc., apparently wandered into
.ixur mountains and could not find
its way out. As I write this on
Monday morning, Jan. 16, it looks
Jike more of the: same. If-1 can't
»tnake it this week, I will try again
auest to make up the four days I
*nissed on the road last week. .    ;.
By the   way,    Read   Wilson , on
,WWNC now announces my schedule
«very   morning   sometime  around  9
o'clock.    He also tells you when the
^bookmobile is not going to run.
Now about those circulation fig-
jures I have been promising. I am
aorry but they are not available to
me today. However, I can. tell you
XjUvb results «<f the first week in,
-January — 645 books.t were given-]
»uA.:.'■'i ■■■' Th*«*^iii$%%Pi» v'increasing
steadily, books are feeing added gradually by purchase and by gift, stops
«re being readjusted to meet the convenience of the readers; so all in all
severything is going along fine with
i,he election of the weather, 'at the'
present." But spring is coming.
It's right around the corner of those
snow elo.uds.
thought I would call  your attention
to it before it grows.
Enough for this time. Think I:
better stop writing, and start hunting up all my coats, scarfs, gloves^
boots, wool socks, etc., if tomorrow
morning is going to be as cold as
t is now — Bur-r-r-r.
Guess I better explain that.I.am
writing this1 the first of the week
before I hit the trail, as it may be
70 degrees in the shade by the end
of the week.
Here Comes The
B   Bookmobile    ^^
# * * # * * •* # * v & ©
For a number of reasons it seems
best to not try to make up those 4
days that I missed on the January
run, so weather permitting, look for
the bookmobile at the regular time
in February. My run starts on .January 30 and goes through February
10. Of course, in a case like this,
there is no overdue charges, because
it is .not your fault that you have
kepi the books. We just have to
Mame the weather and bad roads
and Jet it go at that.
Last week we got in a shipment
of new books, and while it was spitting snow and sleet outside, I stayed in the library in Marshall and
worked on books.
Attention! James Roberts,  at Roy
Roberts'  in   Barnard!       Now  don't
faint when  I tell   you that at long
last, I  have "God Is  My  Co-Pilot."
Please be sure and ask me for it this
time.    I   also  have  "St.  Elmo"  for
Addle Fortner at the same stop. Oh!
.3? .have a  number of the requests. I
will  surprise  the  rest of   you with
tham„    I really do enjoy being .able
to give you something that you have
requested,  and   waited   for   so   patiently.
Now  about   those   circulation  figures which you will find at the end
of this column.    It shows  you   how
many  books have  been   checked  out
xm  each   of   my   trips   around   the
rect to  you.    The   date  due   wi
stamped in the back, and you return!
them   by  mail,   using  the   addressed
yellow label, which gives you special.
postage rates, very low.    Ho you gee'
your   books   without waiting for  mj !
next trip, and all its costs you is the
return postage, just a few cents.
This column is getting pretty long, j
so  this is  all for  now.     See you at!
my regular stops next week, I hope, j
county. It does NOT show how many * h°Pe' J h°Pe- If li snows> nndl
people have read.each book, because | slceU">  and the  voadf are .8li;k> and|
get   to    wondering    whether   or
I  can   make   it,   listen   to   Road
Wilson  around 9  a. m.,  and he  will
-many people pass their books around [ yOU
-to others  in  their  community after   no
they have read them, which is fine, ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^m
T3i<at is just what we want  you  to ite * you#
I wonder how many of you know A.aT.ION  FIGURES:
about the service that the state gives
tis?    Quite  a  number   have  already
taken  advantage of it.   Just in  case
some of you still  do not know, this
as it.       Ilf you  have  a hobby  or a
-profession  or   a   special   interest   in
something that you would like to read
up on,  or even   a  fiction   book that
you   especially   want,   let   me   know
albout it, and I will send your request
to the State Library in Raleigh, and
they will mail the book or books di-
filtered to   use the
td of the Due. trip,
were   checked    out
d  out o
642  had   i
bray at the
.i    books 	
the Oct. trip.
743 books were chee
Nov. trip.
069   books   were   ch
the Dec. trip.
If I could have finished   the
trip,   it   would    have     been   arc
1300. '  My guess   for the   Feb.
is at least 1500.    What is yours',
out   on
xiGHWAY  208               
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